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Find hereunder the autoresponder comparison chart that shows you the features you’ll find among the leaders of Email Marketing Services.



autoresponder comparison chart

This autoresponder comparison chart has made the selection of the 3 best autoresponders currently available on the market.

At this time, we recommend Benchmark Email as this email marketing service is growing up quite fast. They are reliable and quite affordable too.They indeed offer the best value/price ratio.

Aweber is to be consider the standard in this industry. This email marketing autoresponder offer also the option of blog broadcast, which allow you to keep your readers know when you write a new blog post. It is a great alternative to the RSS feed.

Finally GetResponse is alse quite reliable and they offer a great variety of sign-up form templates to choose from.

* Let’s notice that no current autoresponder service comes with the Geographical Targeted Opt-in Form solution. I came to wish this kind of service to avoid some countries (or entire continents) to subscribe to some of my lists. I was hoping that I could control (i.e. according to IP adress, geolocation or Internet Service Providers) who would enter my lists. Regrettably, this seems impossible to do so through the autoresponder services.

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