How To Build Authority Affiliate Marketing Website 2020

Niche Affliate Income SeriesIt’s been almost 2 months since I’ve talked about my niche affiliate income series.

Much has happened during this time.  I’ve shifted my focus on a number of sites and learned a lot about building small niche web properties.

The one thing I’ve discovered is you can make money with niche sites in a number of ways:

  • Information based affiliate products
  • Amazon physical products
  • Amazon Kindle books
  • Google Adsense
  • Product Launch Jacking
  • Cost-Per-Action

The end result is I’ve decided to branch out and build a whole series of niche sites – Each focusing on different income models.  (I promise to provide specific examples in the next update.)

Now the MAJOR obstacle to building niche sites is search engine optimization (SEO.)  Frankly, it can take a long time to build links and get your niche site ranked in search engines.  Sometimes it seems like I’ll spend an entire day doing one thing for a single site.

Fortunately, I’ve found a solution!  Recently I’ve started using as the ultimate link building service.

Now I don’t worry about getting backlinks.  Instead, I’ll use microsourcing to find specific gigs that help rank my site in the search engines.

Today I’d like to talk about 13 different ways you can use to generate backlinks for your website.  {Each idea comes with a direct link to the people who provide that specific gig.}

A quality backlinking strategy starts with a link wheel.  This is where you create unique content on multiple web 2.0 pages that point back to your niche site.  In addition, each web 2.0 site is interlinked to another web 2.0 property.  Here is a diagram to show how it’s done:

Link Wheel Explanation

You’ll notice how each web 2.0 page links to the niche site and also goes to a separate web 2.0 site.  Done correctly, this provides a lot of link juice back to your money site.

The problem with building a link wheel is it takes forever to complete because you need a unique (or spun) article for each web 2.0 site.  I’ve literally spent an entire day doing this for a site…

…But on Fiverr you can have someone build a link wheel for $5.

{Major Sidebar}

Before we progress to the next 12 tips, I think it’s important to go over two distinct strategies that can be used to build backlinks.  Each is designed for a different type of website you’re building: Authority site vs. Niche Site

I. Authority Site

This is a website that’s dedicated to building a loyal audience.  You’re not concerned with making money right away.  Instead your goal is to keep readers coming back for more.

The linking strategy I’d recommend for this is to build backlinks to your backlinks.  This is the classic linking strategy you see on many blogs.  Basically you never send a lot of links to your niche site.  Instead you link to the web 2.0 properties that point back to your site.  Here’s how this looks:

Backlink your Backlinks {For now, don’t worry about the definition of each backlink.  I’ll explain these in a bit.}

The important thing to notice is how they all provide powerful link juice to your niche site.

Also…you don’t have to build all of these backlinks for each web 2.0 site.  In fact, it’s best to mix things up.  That way the search engines believe your link pattern is natural.

II. Small Niche Sites

With small niche websites you don’t have to worry too much about building a link wheel.  Instead you can send a variety of links directly to a niche site:

Get Backlinks Fast I don’t recommend doing all of these things to a brand new site.  But start with a few and go from there.

For a new site, I’ll start with social bookmarking, a link wheel, a few Build My Rank articles, and maybe a press release {again I’ll explain these in a bit.}  From there I’ll see how my sites are ranking in Google and adjust accordingly.

It only takes me a few hours to build a niche website.  So I’m not afraid to push the envelope with my backlinking efforts.

Also, I build “niche sites” on certain web properties like Amazon Kindle and YouTube.  You can literally dump thousands of backlinks to these pages and not incur any major penalty.  That’s because Google already trusts these web properties.

Okay, we’ve gone over the distinction between the two linking strategies. My advice is to use a combination of the two.  It’s okay to send a couple of backlinks to a new site.  But avoid dumping hundreds of backlinks all at once to the same site.  It’s all about link variety and link velocity.

Now let’s go over the other 13 ways to use Fiverr…

This gig takes the RSS feed of your niche blog and submits to dozens – even hundreds – of RSS Directories.  Sometimes you can find someone to manually submit your site which increases the likelihood that your site will be accepted.

You can spend 2 to 3 hours hand submitting an RSS feed…

…But on Fiverr you can have someone submit your site to RSS directories for $5.

With some small sites you can get a high ranking just from social bookmarking.  Many bookmarking sites have a Google PageRank (PR) of 8.  That means you’re getting a powerful base domain backlink to your site.

Again, the best way to get results is to manually submit your bookmark. This is a task that can take a few hours to complete…

…But on Fiverr you can have someone manually submit social bookmarks for $5.

Submitting spun articles is another excellent way to rank a website.  {My advice is to link to multiple web 2.0 sites and not your money page.}

Unfortunately this task takes freakin’ forever to complete.  I’d rather have a root canal than create a spin article….

…But on Fiverr you can have someone spin and submit your content to article directories for $5.

Bonus: There are many popular tools for spinning and submitting articles.  You can also find people to do it for you on Fiverr.  Here are the gigs for Unique Article Wizard, Article Marketing Robot, and My Article Network.

These are paid tools…

…But on Fiverr you can leverage these article tools for $5.

Build My Rank is my favorite link building service.  But you need to write a unique 150 word article for each backlink.  This takes a few minutes to complete.  Usually I can write and submit about 10 BMR articles per hour…

…But on Fiverr you can have someone write multiple Build My Rank articles for $5.

In addition, you can find people to write and submit articles on Linkvana.

A permanent backlink can improve can give a long-term boost to your website.  Unfortunately these are hard to get.  Usually you have to create great content or guest post on a site to get a link back…

…But on Fiverr you can have get a permanent backlink for $5.

Blogroll links are site-wide backlinks.  These are considered “high-risk” because Google often penalizes sites that have too many blogroll links.  With that said, a few backlinks from PR 4 or 5 websites can give you a great boost in the search results.

It’s almost impossible to get this type of backlink…

…But on Fiverr you can get a blogroll link for $5.

Blog reviews are great because they provide a contextual link back to your site. This is something that Google loves.  What’s cool is you get a lot of search engine benefit from having a backlink on PR 3 sites or higher.  These take a lot of work to get…

…But on Fiverr you can get a single high PR blog review for $5.

Another thing that Google loves is when a site gets backlinks from .Edu and .Gov web properties.  These are almost impossible to get if you’re not in a college or work for the governmanet.  Plus most .Edu backlinks services are a scam because they generate automated spam…

…But on Fiverr you can get manual .Edu and .Gov backlinks for $5.

Putting spin articles on Wiki sites is another way to create a diverse link pattern.  These are similar to the .Edu and .Gov links which Google likes.  The trick is you have to know where to go and how to submit a spin article.  This is another process that can take hours to complete…

…But on Fiverr you can have someone spin and submit Wiki articles for $5.

Press releases are a great way to start a backlinking campaign to a new site.  Google knows that press release distribution services are submitted to hundreds – even thousands of websites.  So this trick can help you avoid any sort of sandbox or penalty that Google often places on brand new sites.

For example, I recently distributed a press release that literally generated over 22,300 backlinks to my site:

Steve Scott Press ReleaseThe hard thing about press releases is they require a certain style and format…

…But on Fiverr you can have someone write (and even submit) a press release for $5.

YouTube is one of the best places to build a “niche site.”  That’s because Google loves video content and will immediately post a video in their search results.

Case in point, I recently created a video that ranks in the 1st spot for a product being launched in a few days.  It took a whopping total of 18 minutes to get ranked:

Digi Marketing Jedi Discount

Anyway…one of the best ways to “juice” the ranking of a YouTube video is to get a lot of views and likes.  This can take a lot of time to do…

…But on Fiverr you can have someone create likes and videos on a YouTube video for $5.

#13 – Create Mass Links

This strategy is not for the feint of heart.  One ‘black hat’ technique that people use is to build THOUSANDS of backlinks with automated software. Done correctly, these tools can give your site a powerful boost in the search results.

The problem with many “mass link” tools is they often cost a lot of money on a monthly basis…

…But on Fiverr you can have someone create mass links for $5.

The three types of gigs I’d look for on Fivver are Scrapebox links, XRumer profile links, and SENuke links.  Do your homework  with these particular gigs.  NEVER point these links directly to a niche site.   Instead direct them to the web 2.0 link wheels that link to your niche site.

Also…I’ve never used these tools.  So I can’t guarantee they work OR if they will cause your site to get de-listed.  All I know is other people have had success using them.


One complaint about Fiverr gig providers is they don’t a perfect job.  Honestly, I’d rather have someone who does an 80% job quality than be forced to create backlinks myself.  It’s a very labor intensive activity which should be passed along to a dedicated worker.  YOUR  time should be spent on managing the process and thinking of future sites to create.


You’d be surprised at how often you’ll come across a top-quality service provider.  My advice is to hire people based off the specific link building services they provide.  And be sure to check their feedback/ratings to see what others think of their gig.

I’ve used regularly for the last few months.  I…


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