How To write Affiliate Marketing Product Review In 2020

Are you looking for a way to pick up free stuff by writing reviews? Wondering how to get companies to send you products for free to review? Want a work from home job as a product reviewer?  You have come to the right place.

In recent times it has become tougher to become a product and get free products. But if you follow the steps in this article not only will you free stuff, you can also get a regular income by testing and review products.

How to Get Companies to Send You Products to Review

Several companies have programs where you can sign up for product testing and you have to give a review or fill a survey after you fully tested the products. Sounds like an easy way to get free stuff right! But it’s not so easy though.

Thousands of people are pouring in to test these products. Most of the people who sign up for these programs never get a callback. Do you know why? It’s simply because there are so many people out there. Most of them have already given valuable feedback for the company so they may not want to work with new people.

With so many people who are already testing their products, why would any company pick you to test their product?

Getting Companies to Pick You

Even with so many people trying to become product testers, there is still room for new testers because there are so many new and innovative products being released every month. The market is also changing drastically.

For example, Xiaomi a China-based mobile phone company that started in 2010, became a Global success as it has beaten many well-known mobile phone brands such as Samsung in 2017.

Xiaomi has a review community consisting of its users you give valuable feedback which helps them improve their mobile phones.

Since the markets are so competitive there is an ever-increasing need for product testers and reviewers. But that doesn’t mean simply anyone can become one.

You need to prove that you are someone qualified and capable of testing the products to their limits and give an unbiased review which is valuable to the company as well as their customers.

Steps to Become an Established Product Reviewer

To establish yourself as a reviewer you need to first pick a niche and review some popular products in the niche. You need a review blog or a YouTube channel to post reviews. You can have both which is more effective.

You can also post your reviews on the product website, it will be only effective if there is a good user community on the seller’s website.

It is important that you write an honest review, even if it means you have some criticisms of the product. An honest review helps both the seller and the customer. You need to consider that the companies would take your review as valuable feedback and so it is important that you write an in-depth review, as deep as you could.

How to Become Amazon Reviewer?

If you are thinking of posting product reviews on Amazon and receiving free stuff, you need to think again. Recently, Amazon has changed its review policy and you cannot write “Incentivized Reviews” on Amazon. That means you cannot get a free product or discounted products from a seller on Amazon to post a review. If you are found to receive any incentives for posting a review your account will be removed from Amazon.

Amazon Vine Reviewer

The only legitimate way to get free stuff from Amazon is to become an Amazon Vine Reviewer.  But it is an invite-only program so you cannot apply for it. Amazon sends invites only to some top buyers who have given reviews which many people found helpful.

If you want to get invited to Amazon Vine Reviewer program, you could get a Prime membership, buy new products and give helpful reviews for the products.

In the meantime you can also become an Amazon Associate and put your reviews on YouTube and on your blog so that you earn some affiliate income when you are in this process. If you do it well you might even get an invitation from the company directly, offering you free stuff to give reviews.

Step 1: Pick a Niche

It is the most important thing in becoming a product reviewer is choosing a niche market in which you will choose the products to review. When your review blog or YouTube channel is targeting a niche market, it makes it easy for people to believe in your word and when they know they get new updates on the niche they will subscribe to your blog/channel.

See this article to How to Choose a Niche Market

When you establish yourself on a niche, it is easy for companies to identify you and pick you to review their products. If you target high value niche you may not need thousands of subscribers. Companies might contact you even if you have as subscribers as low as 500. So niche is very important to become a product reviewer.

What is the niche and focus of your Blog or YouTube channel?

For Example, there is a channel in YouTube called Postal Barbecue channel, having 30,300 subscribers (as of August 2020).  As you see in the pic, this channel ranks No.1 for the Keyword “BBQ Accessories” on YouTube.

3 years before when they just have 600+ subscribers they were contacted by a Barbecue accessories company to review their products. They also earn affiliate commissions for every sale made through their reference.

Step 2: Create a Review Website / YouTube Channel

It is necessary that you have a review blog or a YouTube channel where you can post your reviews. I suggest that you have both but at least have one.

Having a Review Website

Have you noticed what the best amazon affiliate website all have in common? They are all product review sites that write product review blog posts, publish Top-10 lists, and have similar posts. If you don’t, believe me, you can check them yourself:

  1. WireCutter,
  2. DogFoodAdvisor,
  3. ConsumerSearch,
  4. BabyGearLab,

People always search for product reviews on Google and if you have reviewed the product they are searching for it is easy for them to find your website. You can gain blog subscribers. The number of blog subscribers could play a crucial role in getting companies to pick you to review their products.

If you have a niche review website you can do things such as,

  • Write your review on different products,
  • Rate the products and their features,
  • Give option for users to rate the products,
  • Compare the prices, specifications, and reviews of different products, create ‘Buy Now’ button and
  • Add affiliate links to the products
How to Create An Affiliate Website to Write Product Reviews:

Using StarCat Reviews – you can easily create an affiliate website having a product review page, the review blog posts, review videos, product comparison posts, Top 10 reviews, and more. It is SEO-Friendly and helps you rank higher in Google and earn good affiliate commissions, get free products, and get deals from best brands.

For example, BestForYourHome is a good review website for Home Appliances. You can create a review website like using WordPress.

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Creating Product Review YouTube Channel

After searching on Google many people search on YouTube. They want to see the products in action. Many niche markets like laptops, mobile phones, home appliances, and many other niches require that you have a YouTube.

Creating a product review YouTube channel is just like creating any other YouTube channel but remember to write a description about your channel and title the review videos with respective keywords. Remember only to post videos relevant to your niche. Avoid posting unrelated reviews. If you want to review multiple niches, you can always start another channel.

Step 3: Write a Product Review

The most important thing about writing a review is that you give an honest review. Even if it means you have to share some criticisms of the products. An honest review helps both the company and the consumer

Companies are looking for valuable feedback to improve their products and consumer wants to know the pros and cons of the product before purchasing it. When you write a review keeping this in mind, I’m sure that your review blog will be a success. It is important that you write an in-depth review, as deep as you could.

Questions to Answer in the Product Review

Some of the basic questions that you could answer in every review are,

  • Is the product easy to use?
  • Is it of high quality?
  • What are the pros and cons of the product?
  • What are the available alternatives, and how do they compare with it?
  • Is the product worth my money?
  • Do you like it and recommend it to your friends?
  • Have others had a good experience with the product?

Contents of the Review

  • Introduction – a small intro of the product and why you wanted to review it.
  • Describe the Product – give some basic information about the product and describe your initial feelings when you first saw the product.
  • Describe Product Features – give the product features and describe your experience when you tested the features.
  • Pros and Cons with Comparison – discuss the pros and cons of the product in comparison with other products in the niche.
  • Rate the Product – give an overall rating for the product 0-5 or 0-10, etc., You could also rate the individual aspects of the product.
  • Target Audience – discuss who would benefit the most from using the product.
  • Conclusion – give a short summary highlighting the best and the worst in the product and tell who should but it and who should not buy it.
Content for Product Review YouTube channel

The same content and questions apply for the YouTube video. You would write it down as a script and read it in the video. Just add the relevant clippings when you tested the product.

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Step 4: Build Subscribers

The number of viewers and subscribers who are reading your review is important for the success of your review business. When your visibility increases there are more chances for you to be contacted by a company in your niche.

You need to do some basic marketing work to get more visibility. There are various ways you could do it.  Choose the marketing method which you can spend time with.

SEO – You can do some Backlink building and Keyword targeting.

Social Media Marketing – create pages in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc., and post your reviews as answers for questions on forums like Quora, Reddit etc.,


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