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If you want to make more money with less effort with the highest paying affiliate programs then you’ll love this complete list.

I scoured a massive amount of blogs, groups and forums online to compile this awesome, one stop resource of
159 High Paying Affiliate Programs.

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Before I get into the list let’s go over some basics.

If you’re more advanced feel free to use the table of contents and skip ahead to the best high ticket affiliate offers list.

How a $12 Offer Can Be ‘Higher Paying’ Than A $100 Offer

What is considered a High Paying affiliate offer?

I mean exactly how much money must the offer pay to be called high paying?

Is it a payout of more than $100? More than $500? Or maybe even more than $1000?

The actual answer is… It Depends!

An affiliate offer with a $12 payout can be ‘high paying’ while a $100 payout can be ‘low paying’.

At first glance that answer seems to defy logic but let’s dig a little deeper and it’ll all make sense.

Let’s say the $12 payout offer was an Auto Insurance lead generation offer.

So basically someone looking for better car insurance fills out a form to get a quote and you get paid for generating that lead.

And let’s say the $100 payout offer was for a CBD (Cannabis) Oil offer.

This particular offer pays when a sale is made – not when a lead is generated.

In order to get paid $100 you would have to convince the customer to whip out a credit card and make a $120 purchase.

$118.20 to be exact ($39.40 x 3 bottles).

Anyone who’s done CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliate marketing knows that it’s a WHOLE lot easier to get someone to fill out a free form that get them to make a $120 purchase.

One of the quickest ways to make money with affiliate marketing is to spend money on advertising.

Anyone can buy traffic and send visitors to affiliate offers.

The real skill is figuring out how not to go broke in the process.

Spending $200 on traffic is easy but if you earn $0 in sales you’ll soon have to stop advertising.

Spending $200 and earning $350 or more… well that’s the holy grail right there.

At that point you’re practically printing money assuming you can scale up with the same ratio.

With most advertising platforms you pay per impression.

All that means is you pay the ad platform to show your ad. Each time your ad is shown that’s called an impression.

Here’s why that matters.

When assessing an affiliate offer you need to take into consideration its’ level of appeal to the mass market.

For example, Auto Insurance has a wider appeal than CBD Oil.

For example, Auto Insurance has a wider appeal than CBD Oil.

83% of adults in the USA drive several times per week

Compare that with the 14% of Americans who use CBD products

Let’s say it costs $70 to get 10,000 impressions.

(At the time of this writing this is a very real number for Facebook Ads in the USA)

Potentially 83% of those 10,000 people (or 8,300 people) may be interested in car insurance.

Only 14% of those 10,000 people (or 1,400 people) may be interested in CBD.

From experience I can assure you that it’s easier to get 17 people of the 8,300 to complete a form for an auto insurance quote.

17 people x $12 = $204

Potential profit $134 ($204 –  $70)

Getting 1 people to spend $120 each on CBD from the 1,400 is considerably more difficult.

1 person x $100 = $100

Potential profit $30 ($100 –  $70)

In this example, from the same $70 ad spend you can earn $134 profit with a $12 payout as opposed to a $30 profit from a $100 payout.

So, all things being equal, in this case the $12 auto insurance offer may well end up being a ‘higher paying’ offer than the $100 CBD Oil offer.

To be clear, promoting Straight Sale offers like the CBD Oil example can be very lucrative.

My point is really twofold.

  1. It takes a lot more skill to promote a straight sale offer than a lead generation offer

2. A lower payout offer can be a ‘high paying’ affiliate offer depending on factors such as mass market appeal, lead generation versus straight sale etc.

High Ticket Commission Offers To Stay Away From

Do the words ‘Empower Network’ mean anything to you?

If you were around the affiliate marketing world back in 2012 and looking for high ticket products to promote it would have been impossible to miss this one.

Empower Network (EN) created quite a stir between 2012 and 2013. They paid 100% commission on high ticket digital products.

To become an affiliate however you also had to be a customer of theirs. Basically you would buy in for the privilege of being able to get other people to buy in.

The offer that everyone was pushing really hard was their Masters Program that paid a $3,000 commission on a $3,500 sale

The compensation plan got more complicated the deeper you dug. I won’t get into all the nitty gritty of it on this post.

On August 1, 2017, Empower Network co-founder Dave Wood announced that EN no longer existed and was entering bankruptcy court.

The important thing to note is this – avoid companies like EN that ONLY make money by ‘teaching’ other people to make money.

Now there’s nothing wrong with information marketing. I myself have personally spent tens of thousands on information products.

I’ve learned valuable skills (which I still use to this day) that have made me many multiples of what I paid for the information.

Here are a few other companies I would not promote that ‘smell like’ other EN’s in the making

Legendary Marketer – Up to $10,000 payout (commissions ranging from 10%-60%)

Online marketing education. Products range from $30 to $30,000

Legendary Marketer’s Club

Affiliate Business Blueprint

Digital Products Business Blueprint

Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint

Events & Masterminds Business Blueprint

Brand Builder and Masterminds Bundle

Legendary Leadership Group

AWOL Academy – Up to $5,000 commission

Internet Profit Partners – Pays up to $3,000 commission

Coaching /

Without a doubt the Coaching/Mentoring space is one of the most lucrative.

Not just for the Coaches or Mentors either.

This vertical can also be wildly profitable for the affiliate as well.

For the rest of this article I’ll use the word Mentors to refer to both Mentors and Coaches.

Although in essence they’re pretty much the same thing, in this industry the term Mentor carries more weight.

A mentor is usually someone who is already successful in a particular area of life that ‘reaches back’ to help others attain similar levels of success.

Coaches on the other hand, sometimes have zero real world experience in what they’re trying to help you achieve.

Think of the financial advisors who coaches you on how to get rich while working for $67k per year.

Mentoring is the perfect high ticket offer.

It’s both valuable and intangible. It’s information so there’s usually little to no cost to deliver it.

The thing that most times makes mentoring super valuable is usually having unprecedented access to high net worth individuals who promise to pull back the curtains and teach you how to essentially ‘be like them’.

For example, let’s say you own a small business that brought in $70k-$90k each year for the last 10 years.

You find a millionaire mentor in your same business and you pay him $50k to mentor you for a year.

The 1-year mentoring includes 12 online video meetings (one per month), 24/7 email access and 2 in person meet ups.

With the stuff you learn (and implement) you’re now able to bring in $200k+ per year with projections to cross the million dollar mark.

In hindsight that mentee would easily pay $100k for that mentoring based on the results he/she is now getting.

This is why mentoring is so valuable.

Now while there are mentors for pretty much every area of life you can think of, the high ticket mentors are the ones who help you to increase your earning capacity.

Finding these mentoring affiliate programs is not very easy. A lot of these mentors only make their affiliate programs available to past mentees or students of theirs.

For example, let’s look at mentoring for the Real Estate Investing niche.

According to Forbes and College Investor – a WHOPPING 90% of the world’s millionaires created their wealth from investing in real estate.

Based on that stat it’s safe to say that people will find Mentoring for Real Estate Investing extremely valuable and would pay a premium for it.

I should know, I’m one of them!

I’ve personally paid Real Estate Investing gurus such as Ron LeGrand, Brian & Lynette Wolff and Jay Conner for mentoring, home study courses and live events.

Real Estate Investing is a passion of mine and since I got involved in 2006 it’s safe to say I’ve spent over $100k on mentoring.

My point is, all of the mentors I’ve had in this field have affiliate programs.

Their high end, hands-on mentoring programs cost anywhere from $30k to $50k

Some of them pay as much as 30% commission.

If someone got a 30% affiliate commission on me they’d have earned a cool $30,000

None of these mentors publicly advertise their affiliate programs.

They make their affiliate programs available to current/past students and mentees.

Most mentees are not full time affiliates so the ones that actually take advantage of the affiliate program usually just refer a friend or family member.

Unfortunately, the only way to really know about these types of high ticket affiliate offers is to be involved in the industry yourself or know someone who is.

1. Physio Emo Dynamics – Up to $5,000 payout

2. Six Figure Mentor – Up to $8,000 payout

3. Mentor Masterclass (JEANNINE YODER) – Up to $1,000 payout

4. Entre Institute – up to $20,000 commission from one referral (50% commission for the life of the customer). 

Entre sells books, memberships, courses, coaching, events and masterminds in the Online Business vertical. Their founder Jeff Lerner has built 4 online businesses that has each done over $10M in revenue. There’s no cost to promote as an affiliate. Products range from $39 to $60,000

Investment /
Personal Finance

5. Plus500 – Up to $800 per trader (for any deposit amount)

Worldwide trading platform, listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange. Users can trade CFDs on Forex, Stocks, Commodities , Options and Indices!

$100 minimum deposit to trade. You can refer a trader that deposits $100 to start trading and you get paid up to $800 in commission. Plus500 does not provide its products and services to residents of the United States. If you live in the USA you can be an affiliate but you cannot be a customer. 

6. IQ Broker – Up to $1200 payout

Credit: RA Wealth Partners

7. Regal Assets – brand financial professionals earning over $100,000 per month

The average transaction at Regal Assets is ranging between $20,000 to $85,000

We offer the industry’s highest payouts (by far) for financial professionals who refer their clients to us, including pay-per-lead, pay-per-call, and revshare for the life of the customer. We have brand financial professionals earning over $100,000 per month.

8. M1Finance – Up to $100 per trader

Earn $100 each time an account you refer reaches $1,000.

9. Etoro – Up to $200 CPA, 25% Revenue Share

10. Personal Capital – Up to $100/sign-up who aggregates $100,000 worth of investable assets onto the Personal Capital dashboard e.g. IRA, Roth IRA, CDs, savings, rollover 401k, even a standard 401k, which can’t be managed. The $100,000 is just linked accounts, and NOT transferring $100,000 onto the Personal Capital platform.

11. Credible – Up to $240 per accepted loan offer

12. Gold Broker – Up to $200 per new client or receive 20% of the net margin…


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