Best ways To Promote Software Product In 2020


Let’s start off by looking at a quote that summarizes what affiliate products and marketing is all about.

According to Pat Flynn, ‘Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.’

Quite simply, you become an affiliate of a business, promote their products on your blog, and for every product sold due to your marketing efforts, you earn a commission.

how affiliate marketing works
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It’s just like any other business. You have to work to succeed here as well. With respect to other forms of digital marketing, it is not very different.

And, like most other businesses, it won’t pay dividends within a week. Persistence is the key here as well.

So how do you go about it?

Here’s how to get started:

1. Create Your Blog

To engage in affiliate marketing, the first thing you need is your own blog, where you will promote the products.

The blog can be about anything, but it should cater to a particular target audience. You have to segment the market based on demographics, geography, behavior, or psychographics, and identify a specific audience you want to target.

Your blogs should offer ‘value’ to the target audience. Otherwise, they won’t visit your blog, and your efforts wouldn’t matter very much.

2. Choose an Industry Niche

Once you have identified the target audience, you have got to zero in on an industry that is most likely to be of importance to your target audience. That’s the key to a successful blog.

You need to do market research on your target audience about their preferences.

Nowadays, you can leverage data on their internet habits and arrive at a conclusion.

For instance, you can use Google Trends here to associate the customer buying trends of snow boots by seasonality.

In winter, you can see the pattern is very high, so if you are a blogger who focuses on a target audience with wide seasonal behavioral variety, this topic would be of interest to them as well as you.

You could use campaigns on snow boots just as the winter season hits, for example, June in the southern hemisphere and October in case of the northern hemisphere.

3. Research Products That Can be Reviewed

Within a particular niche, there are bound to be many products. Reviewing all of them may lead to a considerable expenditure of time and money, that may not always be feasible.

That’s why it’s an excellent practice to narrow down your product promotion a bit, to focus on a few select ones that can yield maximum profit for you.

With this regard, specific emphasis can be laid on the brand name, which the customers are more likely to get positively influenced by.

4. Sign-up For The Affiliate Program

In this step, you need to sign up for the particular affiliate program of the website whose products you want to promote.

Take the affiliate program by Commission Factory, for instance:

Signing up for an affiliate program is very easy. By entering minimal details and one click, you can become an affiliate for any product of a particular website, and promote them on your blog.

5. One Product or Multiple Products?

Should you promote more than one product in your blog posts?

Many novice bloggers and affiliate marketers seem to grapple with this question.

However, how many products you want to promote depends on your own preference.

In the end, that’s really down to you. While you may stick to a particular product on your
blog, you may want to diversify your promotional products a bit.

With additional products, you can target a new set of audience, and stand a chance to generate revenue from those products as well. That way, you won’t have to rely only on one product or website.

With the promotion of multiple products, you multiply your chances of increased income.

6. Create Good Content

Simply starting a blog is not nearly enough. Neither is simply the promotion of affiliate products.

What you need to do is increase the visibility of your blog, which in turn will expose the affiliate products. Without high visibility of your blogs, the number of clicks on the affiliate products on your website will stagnate, and it won’t help you earn money.

And visibility can only be revamped with good content. Only by offering exceptional value can you attract viewers to your blog. This will, in turn, increase the chance of clicks, and improve your chances of earning revenue.

The content can be in the form of infographics, videos, reviews, and even tutorials, as long as your website generates traffic.

7. SEO and Tracking

Search engine optimization is what you need to increase the visibility of your blog. You must make sure that during a particular keyword search on Google, your blogs comes up at the top.

If it doesn’t, you have to work on optimizing your SEO, and track how much your blog is being optimized after incorporating any changes.

Although John Mueller of Google mentions that simply stressing on particular keywords in a domain lost importance, it does serve as an essential role in the anchor text value of the links that a website earns.

After you implement all the SEO efforts, make sure to track it whether your efforts are paying off or not.

You can check the ‘number of searches’ value, and get an idea.

Seo for affiliates
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You may also check the severity of your competition.

Keyword dificulty
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Don’t expand your efforts competing with, and trying to optimize your product against searches for particular products that you cannot outrank.

Instead, you should focus on products where you can make a mark. Carefully weigh the
pros and cons of the products on your blog before deciding on one.


Promoting affiliate products on your blog can be an easy way to make some money. You may even be able to replace your primary source of income by affiliate marketing if it turns out to be successful for you.

But it involves careful study of which website to tie up with, which industry products to promote, and which set of the target audience to target. The aim is to maximize the visibility of your website and increase traffic so that the number of clicks on the affiliate products is maximized.

In-depth market research and tenacious determination are what affiliate marketing entails. To that end, the above steps can be beneficial.


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