How To Start Affiliate Marketing In The Right Way step by step In 2020

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    An Introduction to Influencer MarketingrnInfluencer marketing is a modern take on the celebrity endorsement. We all can remember how, not so long ago, advertising for luxury goods or cosmetics would include some famous backer. While that hasnu2019t gone away completely, nowadays brands like to use everyday people to market their products and services. Typically they have a significant following on social media and are seen as knowledgeable about their specialty. Here are some resources to help you get started on leveraging this new yet old type of marketing for your business!rn

    Benefits of Influencer MarketingrnI believe that influencer marketing is beneficial to all types of brands, across all industries. Here are some of the benefits that are available to every company.rn

    Brand awarenessrnNo matter how hard your marketing department works, brand awareness efforts only go so far without outside help. For instance, there are customers who donu2019t spend a lot of time-consuming traditional media, and who typically ignore internet ads of all kinds. Influencer marketing lets you get around this problem by raising awareness of your brand even with people who only listen to other humans.rn

    Expanding your reachrnNot all potential customers can be found in the typical places for your industry. Some brands, for instance, make the mistake of mostly marketing at conferences. Unfortunately, conferences provide limited access to consumers. With influencers, you get access to their entire network. That includes people who are passively interested in your industry all the way to true devotees.rn

    Increasing credibility and trustrnEspecially in very competitive or high stakes industries, credibility is critical to sales success. With influencers, itu2019s easy to build brand credibility, because everyday people are trying and talking about your products. People like to know that something works well before they buy it.rn

    Better value for moneyrnSocial media ads are expensive. Influencer marketing has proven itself to be more cost effective than traditional internet ads. Plus, with the human touch you get a better reach than any algorithm can give you. People follow influencers because theyu2019re interested in what those people have to say. You already have a foot in the door.rn

    The Top 20 Influencer Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2020rnDid you know that brands are spending big on influencer marketing? They are, and thatu2019s largely because of the huge successes that have been seen through this approach. In fact, most brands intend to increase their influencer marketing spend, with some brands like Estee Lauder planning to devote most of their marketing budget to it. Considering that influencer marketing generates 11x the ROI of banner ads, this isnu2019t surprising. It works well in multiple segments: Millennials, professional audiences and business buyers all respond well. However, you do need to watch out for fakes and frauds. Some people will buy followers and engagement, or will fail to follow legal guidelines. Donu2019t get your brand taken advantage of by unscrupulous actors.rn

    (Influencer) Marketing in the Age of Influence: What You Need to Know to SucceedrnThis post is basically an explanation and overview of my new book, The Age of Influence. Essentially, I felt that after talking so much about LinkedIn and other networks, it was time to talk about the hottest emerging trend we call influencer marketing. My thesis is simple: all businesses should be doing some degree of influencer marketing, because it is an incredibly powerful tool with excellent ROI. Besides giving you an idea whatu2019s inside my book, I give you some tips for formulating a good influencer marketing plan. Then, I give a few of the brief reviews Iu2019ve received.rn

    20 Influencer Marketing Trends to be Realized by 2020rnMy colleague Raymond Morin gives us some predictions for this year. Essentially, he sees a change in how influencer marketing campaigns are to be structured. Rather than just pitching stuff, influencers will likely use more video content to teach you about a product. Another trend that he sees is a shift to using employees as influencers more often. Data should become more central to influencer campaigns, including through targeting and performance metrics. Finally, the gig economy will have a profound impact because influencers will be seen as running a business.rn

    Influencer Marketing Post COVID-19: New Report Reveals Drastic ChangesrnTo say that COVID-19 has been disruptive is an understatement. Things were shut down for months, resulting in millions of layoffs and other marketing challenges. Disruptions in peopleu2019s lives also trickled down to the influencer marketing industry. Hereu2019s a look at the changes.rn

    Thereu2019s less of itrnOK, so thereu2019s less of everything. But this is the first year in the history of influencer marketing that its use has declined. Much of this seems to be the result of reduced marketing budgets, but itu2019s also due to the overall difficulty of doing business.rn

    It’s less efficientrnWith less money for people to spend, influencer marketing isnu2019t selling as much stuff as it once did. However, not all industries were affected equally. For instance, industries like food and healthcare have been more effective than usual. Travel and dining sectors went through the floor.rn

    Micro influencers? Theyu2019re in stylernThis one isnu2019t surprising. Brands are betting more heavily on micro influencers because theyu2019re more cost-effective. Also, a lot of people arenu2019t paying so much attention to the big names. Instead, they gravitate towards the people most like them.rn

    Topics? Keep it relevantrnTopics have shifted to things that are relevant when the world is falling apart. Things like home improvement or decorating, for example. Recipes are also a big one when people canu2019t go out to eat so easily.rn

    The Different Types of Influencers That ExistrnWhile most of us know what influencers are, you might not be aware that thereu2019s more than one type of influencer. According to one classification system, influencers are ranked by the size of their following. However, another way to define influencer types is through their relationship to a company or brand. Letu2019s look at this a little more closely.rn

    How to Make Millions with Macro InfluencersrnAccording to Natalie Weber, itu2019s possible to make millions of dollars by leveraging the power of macro influencers, who are also called celebrities. This is an advantageous strategy because you can reach a whole bunch of people fast. It also works because macro influencers have a reputation to protect, so if youu2019re trying to launch a new line itu2019ll lend you some credibility. Enhanced data points and influencer expertise are also advantages. However, not everything about working with macro influencers is good. For instance, they are expensive to work with and it takes a long time to get them to engage. Influencers at this level tend to be fussy, and thereu2019s a significant risk to your reputation if they are involved in a scandal. It can also bite you if there ends up being something wrong with your product and people complain. Finally, engagement rates are low due to the influenceru2019s broad fan base. Be sure to consider if this is an issue for your brand before considering hiring a macro influencer.rn

    How to Make u2013 or Break u2013 Your Brand with Micro Influencer MarketingrnMicro influencers are the hottest trend in marketing right now, but that doesnu2019t mean they are always your best option. Natalie Weber is an expert on helping brands find and work with micro influencers, so sheu2019s seen both the successes and the failures. First, how do you u201cmakeu201d your brand with them? By taking advantage of their high level of engagement with followers. Specifically, the good ones have high engagement and conversion rates, making you money. Theyu2019ll also offer lots of enthusiasm, accessibility, and a wonderful return on investment. On the other hand, you can u201cbreaku201d your brand with the wrong influencer. This happens when they are inexperienced and donu2019t have enough reach. In those situations, you can help them gain experience through helping them design and execute the campaign, which in turn expands their reach. However, if the problem persists, cut them loose.rn

    Your Guide to Leveraging YouTube Influencer MarketingrnIf youu2019re new to influencer marketing, thereu2019s a good chance you mostly think about platforms like Instagram and Facebook. However, YouTube is a very good place to do influencer marketing. Here, weu2019ll take a look at the advantages of doing influencer campaigns on YouTube.rn

    Benefits often outweigh the costsrnOne of the reasons that YouTube based…


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