The Best Affiliate Marketing Tools

There is one important detail in how affiliate marketing work that can help you to understand what is hidden under clear rules on the surface. Affiliates are mainly interested only in fulfilling the terms of the offer and receiving the higher commissions for that. To achieve this goal, they will be ready to use any available methods and marketing channels. However, it’s also a major demand of online businesses to control placements of their ads and the way their product is promoted.

This is where the affiliate network comes into play with its account management, technology, and tracking of affiliate actions and results. The network is responsible for good relations between advertisers and publishers, as well as for the reputation protection of brands. Accordingly, for this work, it’s necessary to have a reliable tool such as affiliate software solution.

The platform of your choice must focus on performance & finance management, automation, and do much more than just a click tracking. There are numerous requirements to consider when choosing an affiliate marketing software solution. The platform should be convenient both for a brand and for affiliates and have space for customization.

Still, one crucial question remains. How much does it cost? Answer to this will fall into two main categories: SaaS platform or an in-house solution. The first option, SaaS platform, is faster and cheaper. Advantages of the in-house platform in transparency and security.

We must say that the second option’s arguments are no longer relevant due to the modern days’ security and privacy regulations. There is no way that tech providers will exist unless they perfectly fall under data security and privacy requirements. So, we recommend thinking about the SaaS platform for building an affiliate network from scratch.


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