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hostgatorWant to make a Million with your Blog?  Of course you do! How? Add Affiliate Links, and start earning Commissions with your Blog – today.  But…how do you add your personalized URL into Images and into words in your articles?  Yet again, it’s easy – once you know how! Yes! Post Updated February 2016

What Is An Affiliate Link?

It’s your ticket to your First Million, and then your Second Million too!  An affiliate link is a unique identifying URL that Affiliate Programs assign to you personally when you join their Affiliate Program.

If you learn how to add your links from a number of affiliate programs, and learn how to market your Affiliated products effectively, you can make really big bucks.  In fact Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular and profitable ways to make money online.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a way for blog owners to make money online by selling other people’s products for a commission on sales.  Here’s a basic over-view of how it works:

1. You sign up for a company’s Affiliate Program.

2. The Affiliate Program gives you a unique URL that identifies you and links your name and account details to their products.

3. You write riveting articles that encourage, persuade, convince, or bludgeon your readers into wanting to buy the Products made and sold by your Affiliate’s website.

4. You then embed (add) your personal identifying Affiliate link to that Affiliate program’s products into a word, or line of text, in your own article.

5. If you generate enough interest in your Affiliate’s product, your readers might click on that link to check out the Affiliate’s products, and possibly buy a product from your Affiliate’s company.  This means that you are sending potential customers to your Affiliate’s products and your readers are using your personalized link to get there.

6. The affiliate’s software will be able to identify you as the sender of that customer because of the identifying affiliate link coming from your website. If your reader then goes on to buy a product from that Affiliate, the Affiliate pays you a Commission on that sale. Ching! Easy as, right?

Your Unique Affiliate Link is Your Secure Ticket to Mega Stardom & Untold Wealth!

Disclosure: ‘Untold Wealth’ could be anything from 2 cents to 2 Million – that’s exactly why it’s called ‘untold’ .  Neat, eh?

But I digress…..

Commissions, of course, come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s all good, honest, well earned cash.  It sounds like an easy way to make money online, but to do it successfully there’s lots of information and selling tactics that need to be understood.

But, before you can make even your first cent from Affiliate Marketing, you need to know how to add your affiliate links into Texts and add affiliate banner ads into your blog.

First, I’ll explain how to add Affiliate Link URLs to Text in the body of your article. Then, I’ll cover how to add Affiliate Banners Ads into a Post using your Affiliate’s HTML Code. (Don’t panic, not all HTML is scary).

For a more detailed step by step article on How to Add Affiliate Banner Ads To Your Blog, including into your sidebar using HTML Code, see: How To Add Banner Ads To Your Blog.

How to Add Affiliate Links To Text

Using your mouse, select your word or couple of words in your article where you want to embed (add) your affiliate link.  For example, the phrase: ‘Thrive Leads’.  I just typed that, so it has no affiliate link added to it yet, so it is not yet ‘hot’ or ‘clickable’.  Now I have to select it with my mouse:

2. With your Target/Anchor Word or phrase still selected, (Thrive Leads in this example) Click on the Insert Link icon in your rows of WordPress Formatting icons, and you will see the ‘Insert/Edit Link‘ drop down box.

Format icons


Step 1: Enter your Affiliate Link URL that your affiliate has already given you, into the Destination URL text box as shown below:


Add url text box

Step 2: Check the Open in New Tab box

Step 3: Click Add Link.  All done – Easy as.

Now check your phrase where you tried to add the link: Thrive Leads in this demo. Is it ‘Hot’? Yes! It certainly is!  Now we’re cooking with gas – onward friends!

Here’s another example, the word ‘Hostgator’ which has no link added to it yet.  If I repeat that sequence of actions above, with the word ‘Hostgator’,  now that word has my affiliate link added into it. If you click on that link (please do), you will be able to get I month’s Blog Hosting for just 1 cent.

That’s because I’ve already organized a Special Discount Coupon with Hostgator to give my readers the chance to get an almost free ‘One Month Free Trial’ of the best Blog Hosting you can get on the internet.

I use ‘Hostgator’ myself and have found that it deserves its No 1 Ranking for Web Hosting Services.

Don’t Just Sit Around Forever Dreaming of Untold Wealth:

 Get Out There & Actually Do It! Go On! You Can Do It!

If you click on the link, ‘Hostgator’ and add the words ‘1 CENT’ during signup, you will get one month’s almost free web-hosting.  That means you get an almost-free trial, and can see if you like blogging at almost no cost.  After your 1 month of full access, you can choose to continue blogging with ‘Hostgator’ or cancel at any time.

Making the decision to start blogging, and getting a Blog Host, is the biggest hurdle for Beginner Bloggers to get over.  It’s not difficult to do – it’s the decision to actually ‘do it’ that stops many people from getting into the action. This 1cent starter price takes the financial dis-incentive out of the equation completely.

So if you take the plunge, and take advantage of this One Month Special Offer’ you can ‘suck it and see’ at no cost  (‘suck it and see’ is an ancient Aussie saying which, roughly translated means, ”Ave a go, yer mug!’)  I think that if you sign up for 1 month’s free blogging, you will never look back.

How To Add Affiliate Banner Ads Using HTML Code

Supplied By Your Affiliate

Many Affiliate Programs you join will provide you with a selection of Banner Ads of various shapes and sizes that you can use on your blog.  These Banner Ads will have your personal Affiliate Link already added to them by the Affiliate Company’s software.

If you want to use one of these Banner Ads, you need to take the HTML for your personalized Banner Ad that your Affiliate gives you, and upload that HTML into your post – you don’t need to go through the same process as above.

Here’s how you do it:

1. After you have joined an Affiliate Program your Affiliate provides you with a line of HTML Code which WordPress will be able to translate into the Banner Ad of your choice.

HTML Code is a computer language that computers and geeks understand. The rest of us (like me) do research, and follow instructions whenever we need to use HTML (I’m working on it, OK?!) .

What is HTML code and where is it found on your blog? 

When you write an article by typing in the WordPress Editing window using normal words and language, you are typing in the normal ‘Visual’ Editor Window (see the Visual/Text toggle tab at the top right of the Formatting Icons).

As you type, WordPress is automatically making an HTML version of what you type, that you cannot see from the Visual window. You can see that HTML version of what you type if your click the ‘Text’ button at the top right of the WordPress Formatting icons above your typing space.

When you upload the HTML for your Banner Ad into the HTML version of your Post, WordPress will automatically translate that HTML code so it appears as the Banner Ad Image when viewed in the normal Visual version of your blog.

Of course the HTML Code you receive from your Affiliate Program will already have your personal identifying Affiliate Link URL included in that HTML.  If you scan through the Affiliate’s HTML Code, you will see it there.

How to Add the Banner Ad Code into the HTML version of your Blog

Step 1:. View the HTML version of your article by clicking on the HTML Tab (which is now unhelpfully called ‘Text’ – Why, WordPress?).

You can find that Text Tab at the top right hand corner of your WordPress typing/editing area.  It‘s the tab that’s next to the Visual Tab, which is what you would normally be using when writing your Posts.

Old WordPress Version:

HTML tab

New WordPress Version:

WordPress Text Button


Step 2: Now you have to scan through that HTML Code version of your article until you can see where you want to upload the Banner Ad/Image into your post.

This can be tricky for people not used to HTML. I always look for a Heading in the Code and work out from there where the desired place is located. Place your cursor at that chosen place by left clicking at that place.

Step 3: Copy/Paste your Affliate Banner Ad HTML Code into that place in your page of HTML Code.

Step 4: Click Update.

Step 5: Click on the Visual Tab gain at the top right of the screen and you will see your uploaded Banner Ad as a real Image/Banner. Brilliant! Congratulations!

Of course this Banner Ad will have your personal Affiliate Link already added to it, so all you need to do now, is just kick back, put your feet up, and wait for the money to come rolling in. Nothin’ to it!

Alright!  No excuses now!  Go out there and make your fortune with Affiliate Marketing .

              …………Cue Motto!

Plan Well.  Start Small Think BIG!

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