How do I get a refund?Top Affiliate Network To Work With In 2020

If you have purchased a product through ClickBank and would like to request a refund, follow these steps: 

ClickTip Lightning BoltClickTip: Any purchase made directly through ClickBank will show up as “CLKBANK*COM” on your bank statement. 


Step 1: Go to ClickBank’s customer service website.


Step 2: Click the Look Up Your Order button.


Step 3: Provide two order identifiers.

In the corresponding fields, enter in your email address and one of the following identifiers: order number, last four digits of payment method, or zip code. 


Step 4: Click the Go! button. 

Once you click the Go! button, an email containing a confirmation code will be sent to your email address that you used to process the order. 


Step 5: Enter the verification code in the corresponding field. 


Step 6: Click the Go! button. 


Step 7: Click the Get Support button. 


Step 8: Select the Refund Request radial button. 

ClickTip Lightning BoltClickTip: Most products have a refund period of sixty days. If the refund period has passed, the refund request option will not be displayed. In order to request a refund after the refund period, you must contact the vendor directly.


Step 9: Select a reason for the refund request.

Select a reason for the refund from the Select a Reason dropdown menu. You may also provide any additional comments relevant to the refund in the Additional Comments field. 


Step 10: Click the Send button. 

Once you have completed all of the necessary fields, click the Send button. Typically, refunds are processed within one business day. If you have received a physical product and a return is required to p[process the refund, the refund will be issued within 19 days.


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