How To Promote Cpa Marketing Using Solo Ads For Smartlink

Solo ads is a form of marketing where a person (aka buyer) pays a list owner (aka seller) to send a fixed amount of traffic (visitors or clicks). The seller will email to his list and serves his buyer the amount of traffic that he paid for.

Solo ads evolved from the older model of newsletter advertising, where buyers only pay a fixed amount to advertise to the newsletter subscribers. This older model did not work well as most newsletter owners will pack many ads in a single newsletter broadcast. Soon enough, many newsletter owners start to email dedicated advertising emails (hence solo ads) to his subscribers. This is improved model, the buyer will pay slightly higher amount to send his offer.

While this improved model works well, most of the time the buyers will usually be at the losing end as they don’t know if they will get the right amount of respond that they anticipate.

This is where solo ads comes in. The buyer will pay a fixed amount for a fixed amount of traffic. This traffic is measured in terms of “clicks”. When the seller receives the payment for, say 100 visitors, he will send emails to generate 100 visitors (aka “clicks”) to the buyer. In this way, the buyer has a definite measurement of his investment for traffic.

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