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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

2021 Princeton Review Law School Rankings: Professors (Teaching)

Princeton Review

I previously blogged the lists of the Top 5 law schools in fourteen categories in the 2021 edition of the Princeton Review’s Best Law Schools. In a series of posts this week, I will highlight the Top 50 schools in the five categories for which the Princeton Review provides individual law school data:

Professors: Interesting:  This rating is based on how students rate the quality of teaching at their law school. This rating is on a scale of 60-99.

 Law SchoolProfs: Teaching
 Boston College97
 Boston Univ.97
 Notre Dame97
 Washington & Lee97
 Florida State96
 Georgia State96
 North Carolina96
 Roger Williams96
 William & Mary96
27Arizona State95
 Cleveland State95
 Florida Int’l95
 Louisiana State95
 New England95
 Ohio Northern 95
 San Diego95
 St. Thomas (FL)95
 St. Thomas (MN)95
 Wake Forest95
 Washington Univ.95
 Case Western94
 Creighton 94
 Loyola-New Orleans94
 Ohio State94
 Oklahoma City94
 Texas Tech94

2020 Princeton Review Law School Rankings:


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