How To Promote Cpa Marketing Using Solo Ads For Smartlink

What will be the best adult dating network?
1) The network which gives you the independence to test the offers.
2) The network which show the revenue per lead (transparent)
3) The network which helps you to optimize your flow to generate more leads.
4) The AM’s who understand your traffic and recommends you the best offers.

The networks which are just working on smartlink are the one’s who are making lot of money by shaving and not showing the offer names and hiding lot of other stuff. They tell you that just use the smartlink and send the WW Traffic but here is where the catch is, they shave good amount of leads and make money from your traffic.

I will suggest you to make your own smartlink by using direct offers from the networks like revolution force (they are the best in my eyes, also because got some friends there) and send the remaining traffic to these smartlinks networks (the waste lol) which you are not able to decide on which network you should send.

Also on the other hand I am thinking to create a bst service for $9.99 in which I will be making the customized smartlinks for anyone, let me know if you guys will be interested.

This post is basically for those affiliates who are just pushing there traffic to those smartlink networks only, if you are sending 400-500 clicks to them it will be better if you send those clicks on direct offers.



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