How To Start Affiliate Marketing In The Right Way step by step In 2020

Yo you’ve used YouTube fo’ years an’ heard of ballers that make money from the platform, but you be like

“how do they do it?”

Not all o’ these gangstas are usin` crowdfunding the make they videos, are they? 

There’s got to be mo’ to it than those 15-second ads that everyone reflexively skips ova whenever possible!

You know thats right!

(That’s why you here)

Here in this post, you’ll learn the 5 steps you mus’ take to begin to make some dough on Youtube in 2020. 

But first, a lil ’bout me.

Yo from 2014 to now, I go from doin’ 9-5 in a cubicle to living in a nice apartment in San Fran by buildin’ an’ rankin’ small websites dat bring customers to small businesses and give me a sliver to deliver (feel me?).

Example? Sure. This tree service site next to me has been bringing in 2000 dollas per month since 2015, imo this here biz model is the bomb of online opportunities. 

To download more info on the lead gen business, click here. 

Now lets break down how youtube affiliate marketing works.

In today’s post, I’m goin’ to show you EXACTLY how to bring in some cash with YouTube as an affiliate.

Ya’ll learn how to make money by makin’ videos and publishin’ on YouTube. 

What Is YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

YouTube Affiliate Marketing is the process of making money by creating videos that lead viewers to buy recommended products through affiliate links placed in either the videos themselves (via annotations) or below in the video descriptions.

In 2020, there’s many ways to promote products and services and earn affiliate commissions.

Affiliate Marketing itself is a topic ’bout the size of the Pacific Ocean.

Wikipedia defines affiliate marketing as “a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts” (source). 

Lookin’ to learn more about affiliate marketing?

Take the deep dive with my 2020 guide to affiliate marketing

Success Stories: Who is Doing YouTube Affiliate Marketing in 2020?

1. Dusty Porter – Tech Affiliate

Dusty’s channel is focused on providing high-quality education on the last software, hardware and other electronics related to making our relationship with technology easier to manage. 

Products Dusty Promotes on his YouTube Channel

  • Merch
  • TubeBuddy Software
  • The Tech He uses
  • Hosting Providers

2. Tatiana James – Course Affiliate

Tatiana’s channel is focused on online business as she specializes in ecommerce, running both an online store and selling products via Amazon FBA. 

Products Tatiana Promotes on YouTube

  • Her 2 FBA Courses
  • Her Affiliate Marketing Course
  • Her Jungle Scout Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

5 Step Guide to Becoming a YouTube Affiliate Marketer

Yo I’ll give it to ya straight:

if you follow these 5 steps to a “T”,  in time you’ll be reapin’ a harvest o’ affiliate commissions.

The easiest, free way to get goin’ as a youtube affiliate is to review products. 

Simple as that.

Most of us already use quite a lot of products that others are interested in hearing honest feedback on, like the pros and cons as well as buying recommendations. 

The bottom line is this

Key Takeaway

If you create a quality Youtube channel that CONSISTENTLY puts out engaging, awesome content that people want to see, you will eventually start getting more and more eyeballs on your videos.

More eyeballs will translate to more sales and commissions earned. It’s truly a numbers game. 

Here’s the 5 Steps to Starting yo’ Own YouTube Affiliate Program in 2020:

Step 1 – Pick out a niche and an audience

Yo for this step you need to choose somethin` you’re really passionate ’bout an’ love goin’ on about. Ya’ know what I’m sayin’?

When you is passionate, you’ll will make way classier videos. 

Those watching yo’ videos will see yo’ real passion an’ likely watch mo’ o’ yo’ YouTube channel

So pick what you obsessed with like:

If you are a book worm, review books.

If you are a health freak livin’ the organic, healthy lifestyle, vlog ya’lls journey of tryin’ different brands and products, share them pros and cons, then recommend the ones you like.

Once you made a list of a coupl’ a niches, it’s time to think about who’ll be eyein’ your YouTube videos (your audience)

How Niche and Audience Blend Together

When we take the ol’ YouTube deep dive, at any given time we’re likely crusin in 1 of these 4 mindsets

Why Your People are on YouTube

  • To Enjoy What They Like
  • To Learn More
  • To Figure Out How to DIY Something
  • To Evaluate Which Item to Put Their Cash Down On

Understanding the different whys is a game changer. 

You can scope in your message to appeal to that mindset like salmon appeals to grizzlies.


One note o’ caution: yo’ targeting will likely be da difference between success an’ failure wif YouTube Affiliate Marketing so brace yo’self G!

Now let’s take a cruise through the hood o’ each mindset

#1 Enjoy What I Like Mindset

This one is by far the most common reason people spend time on YouTube. 

Outside of playing music from my playlist, the next most common thing I do is checkout content I enjoy. 

I digest a lot of motivational stuff – the likes of Tony Robbins, Les Brown and ET The Hip Hop Preacher (Eric Thomas Ph.D.) fuel my tank daily.

I also dig soccer so I’m always watchin’ game highlights from my favorite team FC Barcelona as well as some other big players. #ronaldo

#2 Learn More Mindset

Yo Another massive reason people use Youtube is to learn mo’ ’bout specific topics.

No matter what you need to research, Youtube is prob’ly a great place to find some great informational content on your interest. 

It’s literally like an encyclopedia with videos instead of text. #youtubedia

#3 How To Do It Mindset

The people coming to Youtube with this mindset are looking for video instruction on how to fix, build or create something. 

Lots of DIY people use it in this manner. 

For example, how to fix a leaking pipe.

But that’s a pretty boring example.

Let’s spice things up a bit

So let’s say you’re a guy, back in high school. 

Somehow you get the hottest and most popular girl in school to go to the prom with you.

Photo Credit: Dreamworks Video

Calm down bro, this is just a hypothetical situation okay?!

You got your suit and on prom night you realize you never tied a tie before.

You eye the tie and cold sweat begins to form, wetting the pits of your shirt. 

Attempting to get the job done, you weave the strip around your neck

This effort is pointless and you feel like a toddler trying to tie their shoes. 

Frustrated, you jump on YouTube and search “how to tie a tie”. 

And what do you know.

The number one video in the search engine has a whopping 62M views. Yikes!

Not only that but the 2nd, 3rd and 4th videos have 37M, 22M and 26M views.

Looks like there were a lot of guys in your hypothetical situation. 

You were not alone, G.

#4 What To Buy Mindset

The mindset of what to buy is the final mode people are in when they use the Youtube.

People in this mindset are already certain they want to buy something. 

Now they’re doing some due diligence so that they make the best purchase. 

This comes in the form of watching a variety of videos. 

  • Product Review Videos (pros & cons of a specific item)
  • Comparison Videos (how item “A” relates to item “B”)
  • Top 10 Videos (of all available products, here’s the best 10)
  • Unboxing Videos (see how a product actually is b4 ordering)

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you’ve been letting yourself go more than you’d like to admit and now it’s time to get back in the gym.

You need a new pair of earphones to workout. 

You want the new wireless earphones that won’t get tangled up on you in the gym.

But now pretty much every electronics company on the planet now has at least one of these. 

Of course every company says there’s is the best thing since sliced bread. 

So now what do you do?

You head on over to YouTube and type in “best wireless headphones 2020”.

Up comes this review/comparison video with 2.26M views

Also the video creator has attention to detail as he puts his Amazon affiliate links below this video so viewers can quickly get the most up-to-date pricing. 

Watching the video you learn the pros and cons of the Top 5 and with that information, you pick the one that best fits your needs. 

Now you can simply click the affiliate link, be over at Amazon in a jiffy and get your earphones. 

And the video creator earns a commission on what you just purchased. 

Here’s the video from above in case you want to look at it more closely:

Step 2 – Choose an affiliate program

There are many affiliate programs out there but by far the easiest one to get started with is the Amazon Associate program (but be aware that they’ve recently halved their affiliate commissions). 

The short is to review any products on Amazon then recommend your favorites. 

When someone watches your video then clicks your affiliate links and buy, you earn a commission. 

At this point, you might be asking, 

“But where can I find affiliate offers?”

Where To Find Affiliate Offers?

Affiliate offers are literally everywhere.

Some companies manage their own affiliate programs while others use 3rd parties known as Affiliate Networks.

OfferVault is a great place to find Affiliate Offers & Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Networks are another topic altogether and cannot be covered sufficiently in today’s post. 

When you’re just getting started I’d suggest using easy affiliate programs like Amazon Associates.

The type of affiliate offers you go after will depend on what niche you choose.

Here’s some help to get you started on finding the best paying affiliate offer:

Step 3 – Setup your Youtube channel

Setting up a Youtube channel is extremely simple. 

Almost everyone has a gmail account already. 

If you don’t then just create a gmail account and use it to log in to Youtube. 

There are a ton of step by step videos showing you how to do that.

For this guide I’ll focus on the things that will really move the needle. 

The stuff that’ll separate your channel and video content from the others and help you get more views. 

Note: what follows are tips to optimize your YouTube Channel, if you are looking for instructions to set up the channel itself, I’ve written a step by step guide. 

Part A – Create A Professional Youtube Channel Layout

Pay special attention to the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) used in the Youtube Cover Photo. 

It gives you his website and his USP which is “Marketing | Mindset | Motivation”.

PRO Tip:

As you grow your channel, I advise you to get a website ASAP.

You can begin doing things like building your email list as well as using website analytics to keep optimizing and improving your content.  

Websites and email marketing are entire topics on their own and a bit out of the scope for this guide. 

You can make money from Youtube without either of those but adding them increases your revenue points. 

Earlier we used ‘book reviewing’ as an example niche.

The USP for that niche should be something like “I read them all so you can just read the ones you like”.

You get my drift.

Next, the Profile Picture should be a high quality photo of yourself. Headshots are the best.

Trailer video: This is the main video on your Youtube profile that auto plays when someone visits your…


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