Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Niches That Are Beginner Friendly

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Affiliate marketing can be an incredible way to make money online. However, this practice for making money online can also be very intimidating to newbies. Affiliate marketing for beginners includes finding the best programs, learning to build a quality website, SEO, building an email list, and more. That’s a lot to learn no matter what your level of experience.

So what’s a true beginner supposed to do if they don’t have a mentor? The good news is that there are options. Obviously Niche Pursuits is one of the best resources online filled with past posts on about every aspect of online marketing you can imagine. There are many websites offering good information, as well as a couple of truly top-notch courses from long-time affiliate marketing veterans that are actually worth the money like the Authority Site System and Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

How Does Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Work?

The concept of affiliate marketing is actually pretty simple. A vendor has a product they want to sell more of. You agree…


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