Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks aka SAMH by Zach Crawford -update 2020 How to become super Affiliate in 2020

My Review of Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks aka SAMH.

(This training is now updated and being called Top Earner Transformation)

Are you trying to make 10k per month but don’t know how to? The most difficult part is not to be looked at being salesy or spammy.

So you try to get done

A Website

An Email Newsletter

A Landing Page

A Sales Funnel

And trying to close your lead and convert him or her to make the decision to buy your high ticket product all over.

This takes time and you need to  be building a relationship or through multiple conversations on your social media channel.

You need to stop doing everything on your own. 

I agree you want to learn from the legit, honest, and transparent Internet Marketer I get that.

But if you are like me who has tried every free course which comes your way.

Have  subscribed to course after course searching for something.. anything to make things work.

But only to feel overwhelmed with the information given in the training courses which at times does not make sense at all.

Its either outdated or so much theory crammed in it you hardly feel like taking action on anything.

Then you spin the wheel again and finally you have to find the perfect e-book or a training video which makes everything  achievable and you see yourself to be financially free..

Wait a minute!

You start watching videos and trying to implement what the guru has in his course.

You realize  you have to master the learning curve which comes with each new course.

This takes time.

You need to understand the nuts and bolts and to make it work but by the time you go through the first 2 training lessons you quit.

Sounds similar ??

Well  ! Here is a pleasant surprise with a pinch salt for your ego.

This is a hard-hitting on your face training  which made me realize how well my mentor understood the behavior of make money online wannabe.

He is the reason I am able to start something and write this review.

Introducing my mentor and coach Zach Crawford.

Zach Crawford delivers with a proven system that he has worked for making money online and the fact that you need to get away from your shiny objects syndrome.

What makes you buy every new course that comes in and ultimately to be frustrated.

The only thing that’s going to grow is your credit card bill.

Let me ask you this?

Are you struggling to make $5000 or let’s say even $2000 from your online marketing venture?

Then this is the place where you can end your search to learn , implement and earn.

All you need to do is focus and implement as 90% of the work is done for you.

He will even get on a call with your potential customer to understand his fears better and clear the air.

Sounds Great, doesn’t it.

Well, It surely is.

Especially when you want the sale to close or want to make sure your lead is being taken care of by none other than the coach himself.

Affiliate Disclosure:

While it is not a guarantee that any of the methods taught here will bring you any revenue as result are typical and any links which you may click on would give me affiliate commissions

Table of Contents:

  1. Who is Zach Crawford?   
  2. What is Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks?
  3. Chapter 1: Successful Vs Unsuccessful People
  4. Chapter 2:How to Make Money Online? 
  5. Chapter 3:Building Your Magnetic Conversion Engine
  6. Chapter 4:Traffic Mastery
  7. How to Scale to Six Figures [Advanced]
  8. 100k Coaching Sessions 
  9. DFY Marketing[Swipe Files+Funnels=Bonuses]
  10. Promote SAMH and Make Money
  11.  Check Support 
  12. What are the Alternative Options of SAMH? 
  13. Pros and Cons
  14. Conclusion

I would like to share my in-depth review of what this training has to offer to make you an informed decision and get your online journey the much-needed momentum to achieve your goals financially and personally.

Allow me to introduce Zach Crawford if this is your first time you heard this name (I know my name would be a first too)

SAMH Zach Crawford

Zach is the creator of the group coaching program of Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks (SAMH). He is a genuine and approachable person i have come across in this affiliate marketing industry. He is a no fluff straight on your face teacher who had started as any ordinary marketer online.

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What is Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks?

The Program is Now rebranded and updated called Top Earner Transformation

SAMH training

SAMH is an in depth Affiliate marketing course for make money online niche

If you are someone who is new or have been trying to set your affiliate marketing campaigns get you the desired results then this is just the course for you.

It has been specially created for struggling internet marketing wannabes who need the correct hand holding guidance from someone who is honest and genuine as a teacher like Zach Crawford.

There are many courses on the internet which promise you success but after you purchase you are left to try it on your own and never really get to contact the creator.

This is completely different in terms of transparency and how he teaches you to be accountable.

I have tried to contact him and its very rare to see a real person answer me back and he takes the time to let his students know he is for real whether it’s the emails or  messages.

This alone is worth way more than any of those online courses which promise your quick riches.

Most of the time typical guru would just let you hear what you are comfortable hearing to follow the course and achieve results ,

but with Zach he will push you out of your comfort zone and make you try and start something which is needed to get you to the next level .

This is the core and heart of his methods and sometimes we need this to start not only to learn and consume but to create what’s being taught.

So Let me share what you can expect to learn from this very special training called                Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks.

Review (In Depth)

The Course or Training is laid out more like a book if you see and its mapped for you to understand each and every step before you go ahead and implement things.

It’s is recommended not to skip any chapter/ training videos and move to the next as each chapter provider a bird eye view on what is going to happen in the next chapter.

Some people have an inherent skill to teach and some just give directions..

Zach has got the skill to teach you and most important he keeps tab on your progress.

This course/training actually gives insights to him on his student’s progress.

He can check his dashboard and see each student progress and how many chapter each one of them have completed.

That’s a first isn’t it and none of the so called online gurus are even bothered once you buy a course from them.

He will hold you accountability on how to approach your marketing plan.

Talking about Marketing Plan The outline here shows insights on what is the thing you need to do and implement and not just consume the course.


Chapter 1: Successful Vs Unsuccessful People


This Module has 12 training videos

  • Introduction and Resources
  • Your Marketing Plan
  • Long Term Vs Short Term Thinking
  • The Secret to Becoming A Millionaire
  • Stop Consuming, Start Creating
  • The Internal Battle Going on Inside You
  • How to Gamify Your Life
  • Crafting Your Vision
  • How to Get Sh^t Done Your Strategy
  • How to use Trello
  • The Back Story
  • Your Strategy to Dominate

This module is a primer to set your expectations right and get the correct mindset to start your online business.

This gives us insights into how he started and what are the mindset shifts that are required to keep going and pushing to achieve your goals.

To get this done he suggest simple ways to make and implement the changes and start getting organized and strategy to dominate your business.

Chapter 2: How To Make Money Online

Chapter 2

This has 16 Training Videos

  • Introduction and Resources

Section 1: Choose Your Niche 

  • This is How you get Rich Online
  •  What is Our Niche?
  • How To Do Niche Research
  • How to Market To Your Perfect Customer

 Section 2: The 3 Profit Channels

 Section 3: How to Pick Profitable Products

  • How to Pick Profitable Products
  • The Mountain Top View
  • Recommendation No: 1
  • Recommendation No: 2
  • Recommendation No: 3
  • How to Find New Products
  • How To Get Your Affiliate Links
  • How to Mask Your Links

Section 4: Create Your Assets

This Module is the getting started blueprint from Zach and how to think each element for the long term and work on it with a business view.

This is the part where most of us get it so wrong and he clears the air with a clear and crisp model to understand how to approach this business to make it profitable.

The part on how to model to your perfect customer was a revelation and that video alone for me is worth more than anything i had ever understood.

The Email Marketing module is something which has opened up so many possibilities and i understand now why it is so important to build your list more than anything else.

This is a module which makes you to think on how to create your assets online for the long term.

Chapter 3: Building Your Magnetic Conversions Engine

Chapeter 3

This has 20 Training Videos

  • 1) Introduction and Resources: Estimated time to complete
    2 weeks

 Section 1: Sales Funnel 101

  •  Sales Funnel Overview
  • Reverse Engineer Your Way To Success?

 Section 2: Bridge Page Marketing

  • Bridge Page Marketing
  • Bridge Page Script

Section 3: The Value Funnel

Section 4: Email Marketing Mastery

  • How To Make Money With Email Marketing
  • Creating Your Attractive Character
  • SOS Sequence
  • Broadcast Emails

Section 5: How To Setup Your Funnel

  •  How To Setup your Funnel Overview
  • How to Setup Your Custom Domain
  • Setup Domain Email
  • Assign The Domain
  • Edit the PermaLinks
  • Setup the ThankYou Page
  •  Edit The Squeeze Page
  • Edit The Lessons Page
  • Setup your Email Autoresponder
  • Final Checks

Well this module is where all the action is.

From building a sales funnels (Simple yet effective  no fancy stuff) to what actually goes in the content for eg: bridge pages and why they are useful.. email and value funnel, squeeze pages, many golden nuggets.

As a matter of fact he pushes you to create your own course and model the funnels to promote our won products for future.

This was something i have never heard of from other coaches.

You get step by step instructions on how to setup your funnels, autoresponder , landing pages and email sequences,

He has great copy-writing skills which i only understood after going through some of the content he created.

If you are a noob and dont have a clue on how to make all the the elements work together then this would really help you understand and implement them better.

Get Access To Case Studies

Chapter 4: Traffic Mastery

Chapter 4

This has 25 Training Videos

  • Introduction and Resources: Estimated time to complete Chapter 4 : 1 week

Section 1: Content Creation Strategies

  • The Personal Branding Blueprint
  • Invest Learn Teach
  • Mastering Your Message
  • Giving Them The Big Ah Ha
  • Your Backstory and Making Them Care About You
  • Testing Your Hooks and Stories

Section 2: Social Media Selling

  • My Social Media Strategy
  • The Mountain Top View
  • Facebook Groups for Business
  • How to Get Targeted Leads For Your Business
  • The Livestream Revolution
  • How to Pick a FB Group Name
  • How to Setup Your FB Group
  • How to Setup up your FB Profile
  • Creating Content That Makes Money
  • Engagement Hacks
  • The Closing Script

Section 3: Video Marketing Mastery

  • How Youtube Works
  • How to Find Video Topics
  • Optimizing Your Videos to Rank
  • Use VidIQ for Better Ranking
  • Setup Your Youtube Channel
  • Uploading Videos
  • Creating Thumbnails

This module shows what are the best traffic sources that are working right now what should a newbie do to set them up.

He is a Youtuber and he justifies why it is his no 1 traffic generating source.

He also shares his strategies on how to create social media profiles for business in facebook and work on them daily.

One Important part is how creating content and personal branding helps your customers to understand you better and build a long lasting relationships.

He just suggest some…


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