How To Build Amazon Affiliate Website Fast In 2020

It is a decent job and decent pay for someone with no experience or skills. But you are overworked 40 hours/4 days a week. For most of 2020, we worked 11-11.5 hours and sometimes 5 days a week. Peak, the time from black Friday to Christmas, you’re working 11.5 hours, 5 days a week in the outbound dept. But the benefits are good. Every 3 months you receive 20 hours of unpaid time to use at your disposal. Of course, you get 48 hours of personal. And vacation. 401k is matched up to 4%. Hard work does not pay off. Pace yourself. Its hot, and not worth working harder than others when you get paid the same. Raises are a joke. There is a differential for working graveyard and weekends. There are different depts, huge building and you’re constantly on your feet on concrete floors. Your work area has a rubber mat. You’ll need comfortable shoes. Some depts consist of constant bending, kneeling, picking, going up and down the ladder.


Decent pay; good benefits, some starting first day


Hot, long hours, raises are a joke, managers can be awful


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