How To Promote Cpa Marketing Using Solo Ads For Smartlink

​It is easy to become a traffic seller. There are a number of online courses which teach people how to sell traffic. People can sell traffic even with less knowledge about IT and online marketing. When you work with an average seller, the only thing you expect to get is unique clicks delivery on time. They cannot help you handle the technical issues.

Source of traffic is also one of the most important criteria for selecting a solo ads seller

Most of the average sellers are building their lists with the same traffic source. They are buying traffic from the other solo ads sellers.

The question arises, But Why?

The answer lies in the fact that they are taught to buy traffic from the other solo ads sellers. It is easy for the mentors to show their students how to buy traffic from the other sellers. It is also easy for their students to imply what they learned.

Why is it so bad when you buying traffic from those sellers?

You don’t have the fresh leads to work with, in long-term business.
You bought traffic from seller A, seller A bought traffic from seller B, seller B bought traffic from seller C and so on. The result is, your subscribers are also the subscribers from hundreds and thousands of the other people’s lists.

How many emails do your subscribers receive daily from the other people? Do you think your subscribers have enough time to read your emails since they are receiving thousands of marketing emails daily to their inboxes?

Very soon, they will be tired to read these emails. They will be more unresponsive to you. They will close or abandon their emails; the emails will become dead leads. Do you want to waste your money in getting these kind of subscribers?

You may ask the sellers that what are their traffic sources before buying?
If they say they are building their lists from various sources of traffic such as buying traffic from the other traffic sellers, from social media platforms like Facebook, You tube, from running campaigns on PPC advertising; it indicates a good sign to choose a seller.

But when they say they are building their lists from the above mentioned various sources, can they prove that by what means are they really doing that?

I can prove that I am building my lists from Bing PPC advertising. My traffic sources are also from Social Media as YouTube.

This is a screenshot of my Bing account.


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