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RE: Back To Life, represented by Clik Bank. I ordered a one time pay item for $37.00. I was immediately bombarded with offers for additional items, all of which I refused. Clik bank immediately withdrew $39.22 from my bank account. Moments later, I received a pop up from Clik bank, advising that I was now obligated to a subscription that was going to cost $47.00 per month. A subscription I knew nothing about and which I did not agree to. I called their 800 number, spoke with a lady in the Philippines, who got panics and apologized for the problem. End result? I lose my $39.22 but she says the subscription is canceled. Clik Bank is a shoddy operation which happens to be in my local area. I’m a retired law enforcement manager, and I’m dealing with this through local agencies as I write this.


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